South Australian Court System for Asbestos Claims

Since February 2011, asbestos claims have been managed by the Industrial Court of South Australia.
Even though the claims are District Court claims, they are managed by the Industrial Court. It is noted that Industrial Court Judges are also District Court Judges.
We realise this all sounds a bit confusing. The bottom line however is that the claims are managed by the Industrial Court which has a great deal of experience in cases involving sick and injured workers.  This experience assists when managing claims for persons suffering conditions such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and asbestos related pleural disease.
The Dust Diseases Act 2005 applies to such proceedings. The object of this Act is to “ensure residents of [South Australia] who claim rights of action for, or in relation to, dust diseases, have access to procedures that are expeditions and unencumbered by unnecessary formalities of an evidentiary or procedural kind”.