Choosing an asbestos lawyer

It is important to choose the right lawyer for an asbestos claim. Who should you choose? Should you choose our firm over a larger law firm?

These decisions are up to you. However, we recommend you speak with at least 2 law firms who specialise in asbestos litigation before making a decision. You may wish to ask the lawyers you speak with (including us) the following questions:

  1. How many asbestos claims have you personally handled and how much experience do you personally have?
    For 25 years, Alex Stuart has personally handled hundreds of asbestos claims involving people suffering mesothelioma, asbestosis and asbestos related pleural disease. You may consider it important that your specific lawyer has personally conducted hundreds of previous claims, as opposed to finding out the number of claims the firm in general has handled (and not the individual lawyer who will be acting for you).
  2. How many asbestos claims that you have personally handled have gone to Judgment?
    Most asbestos claims settle without the need for them to be determined by a Judge (which is known as a “Judgment”). However, if matters cannot be settled, they need to be determined by a Judge. Alex Stuart has personally handled more than 20 asbestos claims that have been determined by a Judge, along with several hundred asbestos claims that have settled. You may consider it is important that your asbestos lawyer has experience in asbestos matters that not only settle, but also matters that have been determined by the Court.
  3. If I instruct your firm to act for me, will it be you or someone else who undertakes the day to day work on my matter?
    If you instruct Stuart Lawyers to act for you, it will be Alex Stuart himself who will undertake the work on your behalf. We will not act on your behalf on the basis that your case will be “managed” or “supervised” by one lawyer, with the day to day work being carried out by a less experienced lawyer. You may consider it to be important that the specific lawyer who will carry out the day to day work on your claim has this experience, as opposed to the firm that this lawyer works for having such experience.